False Point (demos)

by United Shapes

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False Point is United Shapes' debut album. It features songs about love, birds, cats, cars, junk drawers, ghosts who drink coffee, zombies, watching cartoons, graphic design, abandoned malls, misfortune, a place we thought was in Long Island but wasn't, detuned radios, and the end of the world.


released June 5, 2004

Drew Cave - guitar, trombone, drums, vocals
Joseph Devens - keyboard, guitar, drums, synths, vocals
Written by Devens-Cave
Produced by United Shapes


all rights reserved



United Shapes Austin, Texas

United Shapes are an alt rock duo formed in 2004 by Joseph Devens and Drew Cave. New studio album Compound Shapes drops

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Track Name: Hello Radio
Welcome to your big, big show
We just got here, now it's time to go
This place smells like a half-eaten cake
A sticky smell left by millionaire fakes

I was in my car
It was late at night when I first heard it said
Words from a little star
It took a long, long time to get it out of my head

It said:

We came to make a mess
We came to bother you to death

Hello, radio.
Track Name: Accident
This is an account of the time
I was collected up and buried alive
Down there in the peace and the quiet
I could nap all day and sleep all night
It was an accident
I rang my little bell
They brought shovels and pails
Apologized for weeks til I got well

This is an account of the time
I was abandoned on a desert island
My analyst there told me I was going crazy
But what does he know? He's a bird
It was an accident
The boat came back that night
Asked if I was alright
And "would you help us row if you don't mind?"

This is an account of the time
I was arrested for a crime that wasn't mine
So what if I keep all my money
In a duffel bag in the trunk of my car?
It was an accident
The detective got it wrong
I never said I had a bomb
And I don't know how to work a parachute

This is an account of the time
I was elected president by a landslide
From the back of the train car I waved
And said Americans were dumb and God was dead
It was an accident
I said it was a joke
They said "recount the votes!"
They chased me down the street with pitchforks
Track Name: Arrows Are Honest
This is not a metaphor
And I am not fucking around
I am pushing wind up my neck
And out my mouth to make this sound
Designers made them simple and right
And traffic made us see what they do
I'm a line, but I'm more than a line
I've got direction and style
And I cannot tell a lie

Arrows are honest
Arrows are honest
I mean what I say
And I point where I mean
Arrows are honest
Arrows are honest
I mean what I say
And I point where I mean

This is telling, and there's no need to ask
This is knowing, this is not a surprise
Here's the thing, won't you look at the thing?
This is looking, this is open your eyes
On the plane on the safety belt sign
At the market in the checkout line
There's a service that I'm drawn to provide
And if you look at me nice I'll tell you when where and why

I mean what I say and I point where I mean
Which means I'm gonna say what I would like you to see
I mean what I say and I point where I mean
I've got something to say, and I hope that you'll agree with me

That this is not a metaphor
And I am not fucking around
I am showing at the speed of look
And I am telling at the speed of sound
And if you think that I am playing a game,
If you think that I am playing a song,
I've got a way to make it easy for you
To understand the subtle ways in which you got it all wrong
Track Name: Factory Of Love
I'm gonna start
Brushing my hair and combing my teeth
And I am going to start
Wearing pants that reach down to my feet

I'm gonna start to look good
I'm gonna look for a job
I want to work

We are a factory, we make love
And we're the #1 producer of

When the millstone
Stops turning and the tired workers open their hands
When the whip drops
And the obedient animals begin to understand
When the whistle blows
And the cobwebs are put back on the machinery
The people go home

They want to start to look good
They want to look for a job
They want to work

We are a factory, we make love
And we're the #1 producer of
We are responsible when we're young
For looking soft-n-easy in the sun

Punch in at 9:00
Roll out at 9:08

When the work ends
And the feelings we were feeling ain't true anymore
The conveyor begins
And the product rolls out onto the factory floor

And soon they'll want to look good
They'll want to look for a job
They'll want to work

We are a factory, we make love
And we're the #1 producer of
Responsible to make the young
Pink for a girl, blue for a son
Track Name: Cats Broke In
When it's nice outside I like to keep the windows open
Let the night roll in and smell the overlapping seasons
Now it's dark inside, can't see the things in my apartment
But I know they're there and I think something is crawlin on em

Cats broke in my house
I tried, I couldn't keep them out
They wanted it so bad
They wanted in

Get home late from work, take comfort knowing I'm alone
Greet my furniture like normal "honey I am home"
Then across my path, hey what the hell is hap'nin
Then right out the door, them crazy cats was back again

Now I'm all alone again and that's the way I like it
Patched the hole in the screen where the cats made their unlawful entry
Now it's straight to bed or I won't get any Christmas presents
But guess what I find more of as soon as I turn down the covers

All the cats in the town want something that I have.
Track Name: Dangerous Shapes
I know, I know
How it goes
Dangerous shapes never know their place
In the world, make a home in a junk drawer
A dangerous space
For a tender place

Somebody better come
And turn these lights back on
And file the edges down so we don't cut our fingers off when
We try to touch each other in each other's sleep
Sleep safe
Dangerous shapes
Are always on the make

Until they find
A friendly face
To make them feel
Make them feel less dangerous

It's a lonely and a sad affair
That wonderful and rare
Are words that have become synonymous to you and me and
The time we spend together
Rubbing up against each other with our
Dangerous shapes
We're in a ragged state

So we'll stand perfectly still
Like chickens with our heads still on
But not for long
Cuz we can only do wrong
In the nighttime, broken glass rattles in the sack like
Dangerous shapes
We gotta watch our backs

Until we find
A friendly face
To make us feel
Make us feel less dangerous

Well look what we did!
A play-related injury
There's body parts for picking up and picking the ones to save
You're a train wreck
And I suspect
That things are dangerously close again to shaping up that way

Until we find
A friendly face
To make us feel
Make us fell less dangerous
Track Name: Meet My Ghost
Two hearts beating side by side
One a paperweight one a
Puff of smoke in the eye
It’s a great mistake to make

When the coffee gets cold and the magazine stops
Having words that I haven’t read I’ll get caught
In the quiet company of an afterthought

That’s when I will
Meet my
Meet my ghost

Two bodies in this house
One a kettle steaming one a
Empty shoe still in the box
What a complement to watch

When the toast gets stale and the bacon gets soft
And the scramby eggs get eaten I’ll get caught
In the quiet company of an afterthought

That’s when I will
Meet my
Meet my ghost

Two theories on why we
Love our company one is
Sarcastic and unhelpful
And the other’s poetry

When my heart explodes and my spirit floats off
We’ll be together but then I’ll get caught
In the quiet company of an afterthought

That’s when I will
Meet my
Meet my ghost
Track Name: Shake Ground
some day you'll see the ground shake me
a romantic necromancy

now that i'm back from the dead
what would you have me do
i'm waiting for orders from you
the one that i'm indebted to

you seem so surprised
that your crazy ritual actually worked
by bringing me back around
you might have seen some change, but i'm still the same though i've decayed
i've spent some time underground

for ten long years
the worms chowed down on my remains
not too much left of me now
but your incantations made my old bones a home again
and called my spirit back home
Track Name: House Shoes
Everybody in this town is crazy 'cept for me
In and out of houses switching on and off TVs

A human in a mid-sized car will drive until he stops
A weasel 'round the mulberry bush will run until he pops

I was alone then I was lonely
so I made friends in my brain
but all of them hated me on TV
Blame it on the Lazy Shave
I was insane 'til I went crazy
Now I watch cartoons all day
and wear my house shoes everywhere.
Track Name: Thing In The World
Sheets on the bed are ruffled and the pillows are gone
Sheets on the bed are ruffled and the pillows are gone
If I find who took 'em I'll pitch one fit
take feather from the pillow and tar from the pit
I'll dress my baby up pretty then I'll be gone

Lipstick on my collar is fading away
Lipstick on my collar is fading away
I could take a wild guess where it went
or I could buy a new collar and marry it
Doesn't have a thing to do with the price of tea far away

Choked on a muffin and fell to the earth last night
Choked on a muffin and fell to the earth last night
I met the devil and he gave me a muffin
then I met God and he didn't say nothin'
Then I rode on a camel through a camel-sized needle's eye

Everybody, everybody, everybody, 1 - 2 - 3
Everybody in the world wants the same thing, even me.
There's a thing in the world that everybody wants
and you can die with a smile if you even just once
can sing about the time that you had the thing
that everybody everybody everybody wants
Track Name: False Point
When I get back from where I'm going
I expect to see your fancy luggage
Packed and by the door
Take your piggy banks
And snow globes with the skylines
Cuz I don't want to shake those anymore

I hope I'm making myself clear
I'm going back on the pills
You drove me off of

I've heard about a place
I've seen some photographs
That made me feel like when I was a child
I know that I'll fit in there
I've got a matching hat
I'll sign the breakup papers that you filed

I hope I'm making myself clear
You'll never see me again
Unless you come on down to False Point

Your welcome in False Point
Where nothing's for sale
No circular treadmills for chasing your tail
Evolve at your leisure
Hold on to your wings
Don't busy your pretty head with material things

The mayor is a bird
The D.A. is a bird
The warden is a bird

You think about the future
I'll think about a hole
You always said that I would die alone
You're right about the one thing
I'm probly gonna die
But how and when you couldn't be more wrong

I hope I'm making myself clear
I've got no business here
Track Name: The Boring End Of Time
The sun is broken
It gives no light at all
The sea has slowed from a flood to a crawl
The sky is empty
There's not a star in sight
Test pattern loneliness, I'm done for the night

People and places
Erased from the past
You can make an impression, but nothing lasts

Is this the big one?
I thought there would be more
Full-scale invasion or a worldwide war
What's left to do now
But sit and twiddle our thumbs
And wait for space and time to come undone

No second coming
No blood-red sea
No explosions on TV

No one to miss us
No one to drive our hearse
Cancelled subscription to the universe
The phone is busy
But no one's on the line
I hear some breathing, but I think it's mine

At the chocolaty center
There's a spiraling hole
But here on the surface things are dull

This is the boring end of time
Not worth a picture
No show business countdown
No Dick Clark
And no champagne

This is the boring end of time
Last page of the story
Eight minutes ago we didn't know
But now we do

And if I had known the end of time
Would be so boring
I would've brought a magazine