Compound Shapes

by United Shapes

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Compound Shapes is United Shapes' ninth album. It is our very first hi-fi lo-fi album, and we're still piecing it together. Stay tuned for new tracks, loves.


released December 20, 2018

Drew Cave - guitar, trombone, vocals
Joseph Devens - piano, keyboard, beats, bass, vocals


all rights reserved



United Shapes Austin, Texas

United Shapes are an alt rock duo formed in 2004 by Joseph Devens and Drew Cave. Help yourself to our handmade demos. They sound like garbage. Maybe you help us make them sound good and we all get paid?

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Track Name: Fractalvision
Now get moving
Now get moving still
When you're stationary
you can almost feel
your brain getting larger
but your head getting smaller
What the hell's goin' on here?
Brain fulla blades

Is fractalvision what it isn't?
Isn't it what fractalvision is?

Was that what always never
never always what that was?

I dig the tension and suspense in
buzzing past the shapes and numbers of

this fractalvision but I'm wishing
for a mission with a softer buzz

Will my bothering brain
ever bother to death?
Good luck stoppin that thought
sucker that's what it says
Razor glint in my eyes
for the infiniteth time

Did just I see you there in
fractalvision? Therein
you see I just did

Your brain gets bigger
but your head gets smaller
and for all that brain it is

impossible to make it dull
impractical to finish sentences

The razor's edge inside your head
will cut you open like a sardine lid
Track Name: Tractorbeam
Juicy pics, mister
Money's no problem
No thanks, my nose runs
where it don't belong

"Futile" gets thrown around
a lot these days but
really we're the ones
getting thrown away

It's neither quick nor sand
but it does the trick so
Do as little as you can
Quick! Don't do something, quick!

I'm a one-piece puzzle
but these uneasy pieces
can't be counted on one hand

Who made you like this
If I ever catch the monster
If I ever but I never can

But light is tricky like that
and your brain has to fill the gaps with whatever it can
Comes back with a bloody stump
but it's doomed to try again

I like getting pulled but not my nose or legs
and when I say "when" that's what I mean

I know I throw my safeword around but not now
I'm not screaming "futile" 'cause I like to scream

As little flashing lights pull
gnash your teeth
as little as possible