Besides (covers & B​-​sides)

by United Shapes

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Woke up this morning with "The CIA" written on the back of my hand I'm your basic brunette And I am I got a secret that you're dying to forget I like hiding a single jelly bean somewhere in a public building then looking for it a year later and eating it if it's still there Mindlessly sketching in my diary a portrait of Jeffrey Dahmer Whispering "je suis un chat" in a mannequin's ear Confessing to crimes I didn't commit I'm just a cheerleader twirling her hair Chewing gum Sleeping around Not too bright I'm your basic brunette And I am I got a secret that you're dying to forget I am your basic brunette And I am I got a secret that you're dying to forget
Excuse the intrusion, but my wife can't see the band She stands at five-foot-one and love Dismemberment Plan My God, I know that face How could I forget the guy from the Pavement concert who made me eat a cigarette butt in front of my date Hey, aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye? Before you answer that question, consider this: You wouldn't hit a man who just had his glasses fixed My God, I know that smile How could I forget the face that he made when he hit me in the eye at the Butthole Surfers concert in '95 Why, aren't you the guy who hit me in the eye?
Hearing Aid 03:01
My Man 02:26
If I'm permitted to misquote this slogan a pessimist wrote: "I'm only happy when it rains through the hole where the panes were removed to let through the monsoon" Popcorn popping in an instant you believe it's butter but it isn't who slapped Baby New Year to soon? It ain’t even noon and I'm through 'til my subscription to the rain is renewed If I'm permitted to make stuff completely up as I wake up: "Ortus ad infinitum ad nauseam" and that's something I'll be humming when the sunup comes I'm just a little brown field mouse and I feel I'm out of my wheelhouse when our yellow sun yells "Blondes have way more fun!" and that's something I'll be running through the exit from You make me sleep through the meat of a heater dream and the meter runs on steam and that's all you can see through the glass half empty or half full it's the same thing when you're asleep in the fever dream Who could care about measuring things? Birds exploding in an instant how does the baseball never miss it? Now dead breath’s snaking out my aching neck I'm all set for my involuntary bed arrest I can’t believe they permit this and I’d rather anger my dentist than spend one more minute half-awake in the oven bake rays of the weighty radiation display every day You make me feel like I need to appeal to a king or a god for something they forgot to include at the time when they wound my whining mind See the hands break in two and it's not even it's not even noon If I'm permitted to misquote this slogan an optimist wrote: "Here comes the sun! It's ante meridiem and I'm done before this miserable day's begun"
King Me 01:19


A grab bag of b-sides, covers, stuff.


released April 12, 2018


all rights reserved



United Shapes Austin, Texas

United Shapes are an alt rock duo formed in 2004 by Joseph Devens and Drew Cave. New studio album Compound Shapes now available.

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